"The DV image intesefiere Video System Project"

whit 36mm Mullard XX 1332 Intensefiere and Canon FD 50MM 1.2 /DV Video Camera

  • "The digital image intesefiere video system project"
  • During the 2001 Expedition Robert build three digital video image intensifiers systems based on a Mullard 3e generation tube XX 1332. These intensifiers have a ferry huge entry of 36 mm and were first used by Klaas Jobse from the DMS in 1997 and in 1998 by Peter Jenniskens NASA/DMS
  • With the help of Rijfers Metal these systems were build in a record breaking time of 3 DAYS and the systems will see first light in China on the Sino Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001
  • TV Stations are using the dv signal from this systems to give a live broadcast on 18 November 2001 on the Leonid Meteorstorm

Robert Haas,